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Find Unbiased, Can Did Movie Reviews Of Different Genres

April 21, 2015

Its My Opinion had started out small, as a page on the popular social networking site, Facebook. The owner Aditya Grover, a qualified chartered accountant with a passion for writing has started sharing his reviews and opinions on movies on the social networking sites. His writings became immensely popular and was received with much enthusiasm by the readers. So popular were his reviews that he deciding on expanding and starting a page where he regularly posted Hindi movie reviews and writings on other film genres. It’s my opinion officially came into existence in the year 2011. Today, this is one of the most popular sites on the web domain and is followed by lakhs of people. The readership of the site is extensive and varied and includes different levels of readers.

Here at this site, you can be sure of finding unbiased and fair opinions of the latest movies releasing every week. These writings will give you a fair idea about which movie if worth investing on and which can be given a miss. They always try to encourage good films and the makers and they aim at improving both the quality of the cinema made and the taste and choice of the different audience. After reading the views presented in this site you will be able to make an informed choice regarding the movie you are about to watch. This is an open platform where you are also given the full freedom to give your opinion. You can post your comments both positive and negative and your points will be given due importance.

The best part of this site is it posts write ups on movies releasing every week. Hence, whatever cinema you are planning to watch, you will surely get a proper idea about it. If you want to read a write up on some older movie you do not have to worry. It’s My Opinion has an archive where the write up on older movies can be found. You can browse through the extensive list and read all you want.

So if you are a film buff and love watching good films this is a great place to find information about the same. Stop wasting your money and find out for sure which film is worth investing time and money. If you want to get in touch with the owner, you can just fill in the online form and submit it. The owner will get in touch with you at the earliest convenience.

Get Into Movie Mania With Dish Network Premium Movie Package

April 19, 2015

Perk up your mood by switching on to DISH Network connections to your home. Lucrative DISH Network Packages, exciting DISH Network Channels, superior technology and competitive DISH Network prices will simply thrill you in a stunning way.

If you are passionate about movies, then DISH Network”s Premium Movie Packages will be the right option for you. You can savor some incredible movies right on your television screen by choosing from the four different movie packages of DISH Network.

DISH Network HBO Package

Now if HBO is your obsession, you can subscribe for DISH Network HBO Package that comes at $16.00. DISH Network HBO delivers 9 different channels, 8 of those channels are in high definition mode, each broadcasting superb movies, World Championship Boxing, award winning original series and special events.

DISH Network Showtime Package

You can avail DISH Network Showtime Package at just $13, if you are an enthusiastic fan of Showtime Movies. DISH Network Showtime presents you 10 different Channels. This terrific Showtime Channel will enliven you with its critically acclaimed original series, mesmerizing Hollywood hit movies and exhilarating Showtime Sports. Out of the 10 Showtime Channels of DISH Network, 5 are in HD mode. Showtime is really a captivating network which is liked by everybody in USA.

DISH Network Starz Pack

Starz Package will drive you crazy by offering 8 DISH Network Channels. Seize this DISH Network Package at $13 and check its schedule for deriving the bets value for money in US TV market. Out of the 8 channels of Starz, 6 are in HD mode. DISH Network Starz will rock your leisure by delivering hit Hollywood movies that you won”t find anywhere else. Enjoy new original series all year long, plus over 450 different movies every month for only a few pennies per day.

DISH Network Cinemax Pack

DISH Network Cinemax Pack gives you 5 Movie Channels at only $13. Cinemax by presenting 5 channels of exclusive programming, including four in HD mode offers the best variety of top movies with first-run theatrical premieres, top box office releases, new-to-Cinemax movies and movie favorites.

DISH Network helps its patrons to save a lot by subscribing to two or more Premium Movie Packages. If you avail two premium movie packages of DISH Network at $24 per month, you can save $5 a month. When you subscribe for three Premium Movie Packages of DISH Network at $33 per month, you can save up to $9 a month. And if you subscribe to four premium movie packages of DISH Network at $42 per month, you can save up to $13 a month.

The Bose Home Theater Lifestyle V30 incorporates movie sound quality

April 13, 2015

Have you ever gone into a movie theater and wondered how they make the sound so crisp and clear with no distortion, how the bass and treble are perfect to the ear? With no doubt, the thrill of watching movies at the theater comes from outstanding sound which echoes through the room. You can achieve similar sound quality from a good home theater system.

Many home theater systems are only as good as the speakers. You go to extreme measures setting up your system; you have the big screen television delivering HD quality picture; the media room looks great, the furniture is first rate but something is missing–..quality sound.

Enter Bose.

A Bose Home Theater has new age technology, which incorporates some outstanding features. The Lifestyle V30 has it all!

Imagine watching the movie Jurassic Park when the T-Rex is fighting the rapture, the sound that surrounds you from the Bose Home Theater Lifestyle V30 will encapsulate you, seemingly putting you in the middle of this fight. Having this kind of system is priceless.

Great things come in small packages, no exception here. No huge, clumsy speakers to cluttered a room, in fact you’ll be wondering where the sound is emanating from.

One great feature that I like is that the Bose Home Theater Lifestyle V30 has Digital Dynamic Range Compression Circuitry (DDRCC). This lets you hear soft sounds, even at low listening levels, no adjusting the volume level here. This system also has an abundant of inputs- 4 external video sources just to name a few.

Bose Home Theater has kept the consumer in mind with the Lifestyle V30. This is a complete home system which does not require integrating with other components.

Equal parts of a home theater system are great picture and great sound. The Bose Home Theater Lifestyle V30 is the perfect addition to any home theater.

I have a few on-line stores and I like to research on many of the items I sell. My goal is to bring you quality products at discount prices. Feel free to browse my stores at: and For The Current Movie Trailers For Several Existing And Upcoming Releases

April 6, 2015

Film is one of the most commonly acknowledged elements of aesthetic communication in contemporary culture. Yet everyone understands that of the most exciting components of visiting a new flick out in theaters is viewing the trailers that play before the attribute film begins. Trailers for upcoming movies are constantly interesting, fresh and stunning, and it is a great deal of fun to predict how excellent a flick will certainly be based on its trailer, or to track the amount of motion pictures you actually wish to view out of all the trailers that played. Movie trailers are a great deal of enjoyable in basic, but a lot more notably, they play a crucial part in the advertising and promo of a film.

Obviously, making a trailer is an artistic process, and one that is much more difficult then it looks. Right here are some ideas on putting with each other a terrific trailer from aesthetic communication experts who understand exactly what they’re discussing!

A flick trailer is primarily a viewer’s invite to follow out and see your flick. The primary step to a fantastic trailer is making certain the plans for it are written into the whole movie’s budget plan. If you are utilizing video footage that you have currently fired and simply re-editing it for the trailer then it should not be terribly pricey. Nevertheless, if you are intending on firing brand-new video particularly for the trailer, you need to make certain you have more than enough cash for it.

You must discover a certain harmony when choosing the video that enters into your motion picture trailer. On one hand, you intend to show all the exciting things that occurs, and provide people several factors to see the movie. At the same time, you don’t wish to provide away the entire plot, and leave folks with the feeling that they do not have to pay to go see your flick given that they’ve already viewed all the valuable parts in the trailer. If you have any type of question whether you must feature a clip, it suggests you probably should.

Remember the most vital part (if you’re trying to generate income off of your movie) is to attract folks into can be found in the top place, also if you give a bit of the plot away in the process. Hopefully your film will certainly be so good that it won’t matter.

When you’ve selected some good video footage for the trailer, you need to choose which prices quote to include. Make certain you add in poignant discussion that will contribute to the overall sensation you are attempting to accomplish in your trailer. Likewise, you could pick some kind of phrase to affix to your flick as a punch line. Make sure this expression is memorable, so it will embed folks’s heads and they will certainly keep thinking of the upcoming movie, long after the trailer is over.

Man On A Ledge Mega Action Movie – Hbosouthasia

April 2, 2015

You can only push an innocent man so far.

With this tagline, the movie Man on a Ledge does thrill the hell out of you. Those of you, who are fond of action, thriller and suspense in a movie, will definitely find it a treat. Really! I watched this flick during its period of release back in 2012. As a movie buff and die-hard action lover, I may say that it has every spice that you need in a movie. And that makes it its USP. Breathtaking action, amazing plot and crime sequence- Man on a Ledge is all about it. Amazing, huh!

If this did sound like just another movie plot, then I must start counting the star-cast that is in the movie. While Sam Worthington is famous for his role for Jake Sully in Avatar, Jamie Bell is best known for The Adventures of Tin Tin. Also, it has actors like Mandy Gonzalez and Genesis Rodriguez. Outstanding, huh!? If nothing else, the other reason to watch this flick is the amazing direction skills of Asger Leth. Hell, right! I remember this documentary called Ghosts of Cite Soleil directed by Leth. And nothing but “superb” is the word for it. Take my word! And as I got to know that Man On a Ledge is directed by this director, I could not stop myself from booking my ticket.

And to my surprise, it is soon going to premier on the Indian television. Yeah, right! And guess where it is going to be telecasted. It is none other than HBO India. Yipppe! Under HBO Mega Action Movie, they are going to premier it on 10th August at 9pm. Fantastic, huh!? I know! I am more than thrilled.

This action movie got some of the amazing nominations like Genesis Rodriguez for Favourite Movie Actress-Supporting Role in ALMA Award. Quite a feat! Is not it!? I am a great fan of action movies and I am more than happy that HBO India is going to telecast it way too soon. Whoa! This much that this English movie channel has become my recent favourite! And I am quite serious about it.

If you are still unsure about watching it, then just have a look at the trailer and you will get an idea what you are getting yourself into. And believe me, when I say you will simply love it. Because indeed-You can only push an innocent man so far. You know what I mean! Of course, you do not. You have to watch the trailer to know what I mean.

So, remember the date, venue and time: 10th August, HBO India at 9pm and reach on time. And I am sure you will enjoy the show. Well, you will. I know.