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Movie Studios Vs Netflix – Battle For Your Money

October 27, 2015

The ever-changing scene in the entertainment industry has gotten ugly! The growing home movie streaming company Netflix has proven to be a wrecking force and an alternative marketing channel for major movie studios. We know that Netflix has acquired Epix to get access to major movie studio films and they are yet about to make another move with Starz. Hollywood studios are on their toes and will cave in eventually as online movie streaming becomes the most popular form of video “rentals” so to speak. Netflix has been pushing aggressively in partnering with TV channels to gain access to their content and bring their inventory up to date. Currently Netflix offers a vast collection of oldies and it’s looking to expand its customer base with acquisition of prominent TV shows and movies.

It seems that the movie studios are struggling with Netflix and warn channels of what can happen if they partner with the controversial company, however it is quite inevitable that the online movie streaming channel will be the primary distribution method in the upcoming years. Amazon has taken the move to acquire Europe’s version of Netflix called Lovefilm. Some movie studios are ignoring the advice of their counterparts and make small deals with Netflix because they don’t mind another marketing channel for their work. While the entertainment industry has not quite faced the music industry’s challenges, they are bound to in the near future whether they see it coming or not. The rise of searches for free movies online has gone up tremendously in previous years as the world is in the economic slowdown; and consumers are less likely to pay outrageous prices for movie rentals and even more ridiculous fees associated with late returns. With the rise of online movie streaming we can all be sure that Netflix will not be the only competing force in the country and other startups are bound to give them a run for their money. Already, many websites offer legitimate movie watching services with free trial signups. We will see an increase in online movie watching and competition to popular Netflix in years to come.

Tips To Download Movies Online Free

October 1, 2015

It is not difficult to download movies online free provided you know the process of downloading them. Thanks to the advances in the internet technology, you can easily download movies online free. All you need is a good broadband internet connection for downloading movies online free. And, you should abstain from downloading movies that have copyright issues or the pirated movies.

You certainly don’t want to get into legal hassles just for the sake of entertainment. Therefore, you must keep away from certain online movie sites that are not completely legal in terms of piracy and copyright issues. And, you must protect your computer from sites that may infect it with viruses, Spy ware and adware. When you download movies online free you are transferring a huge amount of data with speed and efficiency. You can’t afford to be held up because of a virus.

How to find sites that meet all your requirements? Well, you do not get anything for nothing. You will have to spend some time and effort to do a thorough search and locate a free download movie site that allows you to download movies online free. Make sure that the websites has a wide range of movie collection so that you can find the movies you are looking for.

The use of P2P networks is another method of downloading free movies online. The P2P system makes use of the peer-to-peer technology to transfer huge amounts of data. This is necessary in downloading movies online free. Napster was one such network but it is no longer a P2P network.

However, there are other P2P networks like Limewire that are still in operation. But, because such networks have to distribute files freely, there is the risk of encountering viruses or spyware. Another disadvantage of such networks is that most movies files on the P2P network are illegal copies. It is best to avoid them. As far as speed of downloading movies online for free is concerned, you cannot be sure because it will depend on the location and the files.

Of course, the safest way to download movies online free is to sign up with a paid online movie site. But, if you don’t want to dish out money just yet, you can get enrolled in a movie membership program. They often let you download the first few movies online free. The third option is of downloading movies online free without making any payment with a P2P program. But, it can infect your computer with spyware and viruses.

Another option is to watch and download free online movies with particular software or a video player. On many websites that offer this facility, you can download movies online for free and burn them on a disk. Just watch out for viruses and spyware. You will find online movie sites when you search for them in popular search engines. You will find an exhaustive list of movies and sites that offer download movies online free.